A new plan for 2014

Welcome back to the Nonfiction Monday blog. As we prepare to begin our 8th year of rounding up the best nonfiction books for children and teens, I’d like to try something new for 2014: a group blog.

Instead of asking one person to round up our posts each week, I’d like to invite all of the Nonfiction Monday bloggers to add their own posts…in the blog itself.

  1. You can add your post to the round-up as soon as it is ready. (You don’t have to wait for another blogger to post first.)
  2. You can copy and paste your entire post here on the round-up blog with links to bring readers back to your own blog.
  3. We will begin on December 2, 2013. This soft launch will allow us to test things out with just a few posts during the busy holiday season

Q. How can I add my post to the Nonfiction Monday Round-up group blog?
A. Email Anastasia Suen and ask to be invited to join this blog.

After you sign into the Nonfiction Monday Round-up blog:

  1. Copy and paste the post from your own blog into this group blog.
  2. Add your name and a link back to your blog at the bottom of the post.
  3. Use the 24 hour clock to schedule your post to be sent out on Nonfiction Monday. (Check the times on the other posts and allow 10 minutes between posting times to avoid any software glitches.)

~ Anastasia Suen, Nonfiction Monday Founder