Cat Talk

Cat Talk cover
by Patricia MacLachlan, Emily MacLachlan Charest (Authors), Barry Moser (Illustrator)

Cuddle-some to Troublesome!

From the cutest to the most troublesome kittens, cats and toms, “Cat Talk” features furry friendly poems for children to read. Authors MacLachlan captures the many “cat” personalities in 13 different poems. Written with a gentle flow or words, these poems are told in first person and delightfully easy to read.

Meet “Tough Tom” who walks into a window with his nose scratched and ear torn up from a street fight with cats. He is cold and hungry and scared but he takes a chance and walks into a new life.

Then there is Princess Sheba Darling. This majestic graceful cat poses herself and shows off her importance in this world.

At the end there is playful and friendly Eddie who has a “job”.  He meets and greets people. He runs when the phone rings and makes himself busy all through the day.

A lovely set of poems for a cat lovers. Enjoy reading these out and talking about the different personalities of the feline world. Barry Moser’s wonderfully warm watercolor paintings of sometimes playful and sometimes graceful cats are charming and kind to the eye.

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