Fly Guy Presents: Space

Fly Guy Presents: Space
written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold
2013 (Scholastic)
Source: Orange County Public LibraryBuzz and his pet Fly Guy have wandered into the realm of nonfiction. The two buddies visit a space museum and find a treasure trove of facts. They start big with a definition of the universe. This leads to a mention of the 8 planets (Pluto, we miss you!) and a quick fact about space probe Voyager 2. An explanation of gravity and how the sun pulls the planets is the next stop on the museum tour. Other subjects explored include smaller objects in space including meteoroids, astronauts, and spacecraft.

Since this is a book for early readers, you are going to get a lot of facts and not much depth. I think this is the right way to go for this age. Another plus is the use of a well known character like Fly Guy to pull more readers into nonfiction. Fly Guy Presents: Space isn’t a book that you would use for a mentor text, but that’s okay. Its purpose in my classroom would be to act as an alternative to the vast majority of fiction books for early readers. Put it in a kid’s reading basket and be prepared to share!