Whose Tools Are These?

Whose Tools Are These?
written by Amanda Doering Tourville
2012 (Capstone Press)
Source: Orange County Public Library

Community helpers are an important subject in preschool and kindergarten. We have guest speakers come to school and teach students about their occupation. In the Community Helper Mysteries series from Capstone Press, students receive several clues about a particular service job. In Whose Tools Are These?, readers are shown a large room with chairs and a worker behind a computer. I would be curious to see how many readers would know from this first photograph where it was taken. In succeeding spreads, special gloves are shown as an important part of this line of work. An otoscope, which is used to look into a patient’s ear, is the subject of another photograph. By this point, most, if not all, of your students will know whose occupation is being featured. Other clues include a needle and thread for stitches, a needle for providing medicine, and a person looking at an x-ray. In the back of the book, a glossary reviews vocabulary from the text and a FactHound code is provided for further research.

This series of books will be a fun resource for community studies in preschool and kindergarten. You can use them to teach prediction lessons and for writing about community helpers. Before reading, I would create a circle map and fill out the outer circle of the map as we read the book. At the end of the book, we would fill in the inner circle. If you teach a unit on community helpers, find this series of books.

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