Baseball Animals

If you are a baseball fan, are raising a young baseball fan, or are trying to connect with a young baseball fan, here’s the book for you – a marriage of baseball and animals!

Jordan, Christopher. 2014. Baseball Animals. Plattsburgh, NY: Fenn/Tundra.

Which MLB team shares its name with a songbird that loves acorns?

This blue, black and white bird is thought to be responsible for spreading the oak tree across North America.

If the beautiful photograph of a blue jay on a stark white background doesn’t give you the answer, just turn the page to reveal a full-page action shot of a Toronto Blue Jays batter.

Each baseball page features the team’s logo, a full-page action photo taken at the ballpark, and some team uniform trivia.  Did you know that the Cardinals (often called the Redbirds) were not named for the beautiful bird, but rather for the color of their original uniforms? Their uniforms were cardinal red. So, presumably they are named after the traditional color of a Catholic cardinal’s cassock.  Now that’s a great baseball trivia question!

Fun and informative, this is a must-have for little baseball fans. I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it earlier!  An Appendix of MLB Teams and Logos rounds out the book – featuring all of the teams – even those sans animals on their logos.
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  1. This looks like a really fun read! Can’t wait for baseball and the spring weather that it brings.

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