Family Guide to Washington DC – Eyewitness Travel

Family Guide Washington D.C. 
Eyewitness Travel
2014 (DK Publishing)
Source: Mebane Public Library

We used this travel guide on a trip we took last week to Washington D.C. and it was very helpful. My wife made the following points about this book:

1. It shows maps and layouts of museums and monuments. The “cutaways”, where you can see what is on different floors, are especially helpful.
2. There is a section for each locale called “Take Cover” which gives suggestions of nearby places to go in case weather forces you to go inside.
3. A map of downtown DC on the front inside cover and a subway map on the back inside cover were very helpful in locating areas we wanted to visit.
4. If you have younger children, there is a section, within each featured landmark visit, called “Letting Off Steam.” This gives information about places where your kids can run or walk with a little more abandon and still be safe.
5. The Lowdown gives several pieces of information in one section. This includes travel distance, metro instructions, places to eat and drink, restroom locations, fees for visiting, and activities for the kids.

Washington D.C. is one of those places that you must visit. It is an amazing city and there are plenty of places that you can visit without having to pay an entrance fee.

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