When Science Meets Poetry

Although Jeff at NC Teacher Stuff has already shared this title, The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science (Teacher’s Edition): Poems for the School Year Integrating Science, Reading, and Language Arts by Sylvia Vardell and, Janet Wong is such a useful resource, it deserves repeating.


Reading poems to children throughout the year has many benefits. It increases their vocabulary, makes them more comfortable reading, and can make topics more memorable.

Why combine poetry with science? As the authors suggest, a poem about science can be read and enjoyed by children with a range of reading abilities. The use of sensory language and vivid imagery is likely to bring a new depth to scientific concepts. For budding scientists, hearing science poetry might increase their interest in language arts. For budding poets, reading science poetry will make them realize that any topic can be fodder for a poem. The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science is win-win!

For a more extensive review (with actual poems!), see Growing with Science.