Newest in the Scientists in the Field Series: Park Scientists

At Wrapped in Foil blog, we have the newest arrival in the Scientists in the Field Series:  Park Scientists: Gila Monsters, Geysers, and Grizzly Bears in America’s Own Backyard by Mary Kay Carson and with photographs by Tom Uhlman.


For Park Scientists, Mary Kay Carson explores the science being carried out in three of our national parks:  Yellowstone National Park, Saguaro National Park, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In addition to following the work of some typical university researchers with advanced degrees, Carson also introduces park rangers who are geologists and high school students who participate in citizen science. After reading this book, young people will realize that there are any number of ways to get involved in science.

Let’s not forget the illustrations in the book. Tom Uhlman’s gorgeous photographs make the reader want to jump into the car and go to a park. The book also has numerous maps, such as one that shows the location of all national parks, as well as maps of the parks that are highlighted. The illustrations also include visual representations of data, such as what grizzly bears eat throughout their active months.

Because Scientists in the Field has been such a popular and long-running series, it is easy to become blasé about the individual books as they come out. Ignoring this title would be a mistake, however, because Park Scientists has a lot to offer. The timing of the release is perfect to catch the interest of youngsters who are headed out to take a vacation at a national park this summer. Get this book in their hands and it is likely they will be inspired to do some science, too.


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