Plan C

For our September experiment we’ve tried sharing our Nonfiction Monday posts on Facebook in a group (last week) and on a page (this week) and both have drawbacks. The Facebook group is easy to use if you are on Facebook already, but if you are not, you can’t see any of the posts. A Facebook page, on the other hand, can be viewed without logging into Facebook, but it is very difficult to share posts on a Facebook page. The new page setup places a tiny excerpt of other posts (no images) in a tiny box on the side. So I am going to plan C! We’ll use the Comments function on this Nonfiction Monday blog.

So bloggers who want to log in and share a long excerpt of their posts as a member of this blog are welcome to do so.

And for the bloggers who do not want to share a post by logging into the blog, I will send a announcement post (like this one) on Sunday afternoons so they can add a link to their own Nonfiction Monday posts in the comments.

I just closed the page, so I will share the two links that did come through:

Nonfiction Monday: Grizzly Bears of Alaska

A Can Be..Nonfiction Project for Schools

The other links will come as full posts later this morning. Thanks!

~ Anastasia Suen, Nonfiction Monday Founder

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3 thoughts on “Plan C

  1. I like this plan! I’m trying to move away from Facebook due to privacy concerns. Because of that, I was sorry to see the plans that involved Facebook. I like this one much better!


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