Exploring Oceans with Children’s Books

This week I had some wonderful books come across my desk with an ocean theme, so I’ve decided to devote the week to them.

First up is a biography, Sylvia Earle: Ocean Explorer (Women in Conservation) by Dennis Fertig.


Sylvia Earle is an amazing woman. She is a scientist and conservationist who has devoted her life to oceans. At last count she has logged more than 7,000 hours underwater! She is also in the news this fall because she is the subject of the documentary, Mission Blue.

Sylvia Earle: Ocean Explorer is a timely addition to any library. Pull it out to learn about marine science, women’s history or save it for Earth Day. See Growing with Science blog for a full review and related activities (being added throughout the week).

If children are inspired to learn more about oceans, here are two informational books to get them started.

Beginning readers might be ready to explore Oceans and Seas (Acorn: Water, Water Everywhere!) by Diyan Leake, available soon.


Parents and teachers should read the last page of Oceans and Seas first, because it offers some well-thought-out ideas for activities to do with children before and after reading the book. As you would expect from a beginning reader, the text is age appropriate and the sentences are short.

Oceans (Habitat Survival) by Claire Llewellyn is for slightly older children, grades 2-4.


It would be appropriate for learning about the ecology of oceans. It explains concepts like the ocean zones, habitats, and food webs. A brief summary of threats to our oceans and ideas about how to protect them is also included.

A review of both these books is available at Wrapped in Foil blog.