“Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes” by Nicola Davies

Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes

by Nicola Davies Illustrated by Emily Sutton
Published: August 24, 2014
Ms. Davies makes the (sometimes daunting) world of microbes very manageable in this introduction suitable for any age group. Ms. Sutton’s illustrations make the invisible world of microbes come alive.  The book covers  the basics and offers some pretty great jumping off points for further learning!

I Picked This Book Because….

I heard a report on microbes on NPR, and I was fascinated by it. (I can’t find the story I originally heard. But if you click here you will find a ton of other interesting stories about microbes!)

Microbes are everywhere and we each have our own “fingerprint” of microbes. We trade microbes, we can alter our microbes through the foods we eat, and the microbes in one person’s body weigh as much as a brain. All in all, these little guys are really important to how we function.

[If you are interested in this topic, this article from PBS is great: Can We Save Our Body’s Ecosystem from Extinction?]

I’ve read & heard in a few places that our microbiome is like a city or ecosystem. It is so complex and densely populated, and it can hurt or help us depending on what it includes or excludes.

Takeaway: Yes, some microbes can be bad, so wash your hands. But, they can also be really beneficial– we should learn how to properly take care of those little guys!

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