Springtime Weather Wonders Are Here

Spring is going to be right around the corner and there is no better way to get a touch of spring fever than by reading the books in the new Springtime Weather Wonders series.


raindrops fall all around
Raindrops Fall All Around by Charles Ghigna and illustrated by Laura Watson celebrates the rain by exploring what it does and where it goes. The delightful rhyming text, with the playful the acrylic and digital collage illustrations, are sure to put a smile on the reader’s face. He or she will be looking forward to seeing the hillsides turn green, to splashing in the puddles, and to watching the water go down the drains during the next spring rain.

At the end of each book is a two-page spread of weather facts. This title includes an explanation of the water cycle and an introduction to studying wind with an anemometer.


windy day in spring
A Windy Day in Spring  features adorable animals romping in the wind. Once again, the rhyming text by award-winning poet Charles Ghigna, keeps the reader bouncing right along.

Other titles in the series include Hail to Spring! and Sunshine Brightens Springtime. The books are available as hardcover or as board books for the PreK-2 set.

Be sure to share these lively spring weather picture books with young readers, and catch some spring fever yourself! If you would like to see our full review, visit Wrapped in Foil blog.

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