Inspiring Art With The Big Book Of Color

Over at Wrapped in Foil blog we are featuring another book to ignite art creativity:  The Big Book of Color: An adventurous journey into the magical & marvelous world of color! (Big Book Series) by Stephanie Meissner, with artwork and illustrations by Diana Fisher, Lisa Martin, and Damien Barlow.


It’s big, it’s bold and it introduces children to color wheels, complimentary colors, analogous colors, and color values through activities and tear out pages. After covering the basics, the book then features each of the six colors of the color wheel, plus pink, brown, gray, white and black, in big multi-page spreads. It is hard not to get excited by color!

The Big Book of Color has a little something for everyone. Preschoolers generally are the ones learning their colors and thus would appreciate the featured color sections. The consumable art pages, and draw and color activities require fine motor control skills of 7 or 8 year-old children. The beginning section of art concepts section might even be helpful for adults to brush up on color concepts before working with children. The bottom line is that it would work well for families and mixed-age groups.

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