Two Children’s Books for Exploring Garden Wildlife

Today we have two beginning reader books about garden wildlife:  What Can Live in the Garden? (What Can Live There?) by John-Paul Wilkins and Chipmunks (Backyard Animals) by Mari Schuh.


What Can Live in the Garden? explores gardens as a habitat for a number of different animals. Earthworms, bees, bats, spiders, and foxes all can be seen in backyards. Find out what these animals are doing and how they might relate to one another. Did you know that long-tailed chickadees build their nests from silk from spiders in a similar way that hummingbirds do?

Chipmunks gives facts about what food they eat, their life cycle, their habitat, and threats to chipmunks. It is filled with big, full-color stock photographs of adorable chipmunks that are really hard to resist. The book also includes a hands-on activity with suggestions for watching chipmunks. The activity could be modified to use with tree squirrels or ground squirrels, as well.

Check Wrapped in Foil blog for more details about garden wildlife, and particularly squirrels.