Making a Splash With The Beach Book

We are headed to the seashore this week at Wrapped in Foil blog.

For our Nonfiction Monday review we have The Beach Book: loads of things to do at lakes, rivers and the seaside by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield.


The Beach Book is really in a class all by itself. It evokes a time before standardized tests and kids having every minute structured for them. It is bursting with suggestions for getting kids outside and playing at the beach, ranging from how to make sand mermaids to conducting beach treasure hunts to old favorites like skimming (skipping) stones on water.

Each activity comes with a description, which is more of a list of suggestions of what to try rather than detailed how-to instructions. This leaves a great deal of room for spontaneity and creativity. Things aren’t too loose, however, because the authors list safety tips with many of the activities. These are common-sense precautions to take, such as knowing which way the tide is going (sometimes tides can come in rapidly and unexpectedly) or when adult supervision is recommended. The best part is that any of the activities can easily be adapted to non-beach or even indoor situations, and are perfect for multi-aged groups.

If there’s a trip to the beach in your family’s future, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book. Read it ahead of time to get imaginations charged up. Have a copy handy in the beach bag to keep the adventures coming.  Frankly, I can’t wait to visit a beach and try some of these activities myself!

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