Big Tractor

Big Tractor 1790Big Tractor
by Nathan Clement
32 pages; ages 4- 8
Boyds Mills Press, 2015

You don’t need to live on a farm to love tractors. This book introduces young children to all the different things a tractor does on the farm, and lets them get a good look at the huge wheels and the implements.

The text is simple, with two lines of text on each page. It begins with early spring: “Wake up, Ol’ Partner,” says the farmer, pushing the barn doors open. It’s time to hitch up the plow. Then disc the soil and plant the corn (or soybeans or…).

Readers follow the seasons through the work of the tractor. I like the break Tractor gets when the combines head into the wheat field … tractor can hang out in the shade sipping lemonade. But then, before you know it, tractor’s back to work harvesting corn – a job that runs into overtime. Good thing tractor comes with headlights.

Finally, after all that hard work it’s time for some fun – a hayride! And then a well-deserved rest.

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