Turn Early Readers into Wise Owls

Let’s become as wise as owls with the new early reader Great Horned Owls by Melissa Hill and Gail Saunders-Smith, PhD (Consultant Editor).


Great Horned Owls is part of the new Owls series from Capstone that features common species. Readers explore where owls live, what they eat, and their life cycle.

The large color photographs help youngsters see what great horned owl adults and chicks look like. The variation in feather colors is surprising. No matter what color they are, however, the adults all have the large tufts of feathers on their heads which give them the name “horned.”

A map shows the range of these common, widespread owls. They are live in North America and parts of South America, from the coldest north to the hottest deserts. Throughout that area, great horned owls will eat many different kinds of animals, including skunks and scorpions.

Great Horned Owls is packed full of interesting facts about these nocturnal creatures. It is a “great” book to have on hand when budding birdwatchers want to know more about an owl they might have seen or heard. Before they know it, they will be as wise as owls themselves.

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