Fab Four Friends

fabjpefThe Boys Who Became the BEATLES

Christy Ottaviano Books
(Henry Holt and Co./Macmillan)

Published 8.18.2015 * 40 pages

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top

Author: Susanna Reich
           and Illustrator: Adam Gustavson

Characters: The Beatles

Overview from the jacket flap:

“In 1957 in Liverpool, England, a kid named John Lennon and his band played music at a local church fair. In the audience was Paul McCartney, who liked what he heard and soon joined the group. Pal’s friend George Harrison kept showing up at rehearsals until the older boys finally let him in. Eventually they found the perfect drummer – Ringo Starr – and the perfect name – the Beatles.

This is the story of how four ordinary boys, growing up amid the rubble of postwar England, found music to be a powerful, even life-saving, force. This is the story of the four fabulous friends who became the bestselling band in history.”

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