Luna & Me

The True Story of a Girl Who Lived in a Tree to Save a Forest luna copy

Christy Ottaviano Books
(Henry Holt and Co.)

Published 5.12.2015 * 40 pages

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top

Author and Illustrator: Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Character: Julia Butterfly Hill

Overview from the jacket flap:

“Once there was a redwood tree – one of the world’s largest and tallest trees, and one of the oldest. And once, born nearly a thousand years after the tree first took root, there was a girl named Julia, who was called Butterfly.

One day, exploring her beloved forest, Butterfly wandered into a grove of ancient trees. One tree had broken branches and a big blue X on the side. It was going to be cut down. Butterfly climbed up into the tree. Don’t trees have a right to just be? she thought. And, she also thought, a tree wouldn’t be cut down if it had a person living in it. A person who would go on to live in that tree for two years.

Inspired by Julia Butterfly Hill’s courageous fight to save an ancient redwood…”

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