Gordon Parks

How the Photographer Captured Black and White Americagordon copy
Albert Whitman & Company
2.1.2015 * 32 pages
A True Tale with A Cherry On Top
Author: Carole Boston Weatherford
Illustrator: Jamey Christoph
Character: Gordon Parks

Overview from the jacket flap:

“His white teacher tells her all-black class, You’ll all wind up porters and waiters. What did she know?

Gordon Parks is most famous for being the first black director in Hollywood. But before he made movies and wrote books, he was a poor African American looking for work. When he bought a camera, his life changed forever.

He taught himself how to take pictures and before long, people noticed. His success as a fashion photographer landed him a job working for the government. In Washington DC, Gordon went looking for a subject. But what he found was segregation…

With lyrical verse and atmospheric art, Gordon Parks tells the story of how, with a single photograph, a self-taught artist got America to take notice.”

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