The House That Jane Built

A Story About Jane Adams 9780805090499

Christy Ottaviano Books (Henry Holt)
6.23.2015 * 32 pages

A True Tale with A Cherry On Top
Author: Tanya Lee Stone
and Illustrator: Kathryn Brown

Character: Jane Addams

Overview from the jacket flap:

“Ever since she was a little girl, Jane Addams hoped to help people in need. She wanted to create a place where people could find food, work, and community. In 1889, she chose a houseman run-down Chicago neighborhood and turned it into Hull House – a settlement home – soon adding a playground, kindergarten, and a public bath. By 1907, Hull House included thirteen buildings. Andy the early 1920s, more than nine thousand people visited Hull House each week.
The dreams of a smart, caring girl had become a reality. And the lives of hundreds of thousands of people were transformed when they stepped into the house that Jane Addams built.”

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