Hungry Coyote by Cheryl Blackford


Hungry Coyote by Cheryl Blackford. Illustrated by Laurie Caple. 32 p. Minnesota Historical Society Press, May, 2015. 9780873519649. (Borrowed from public library)

I must admit that the cover of this one drew me in. It was just sitting there on the “new books” shelf at my library, quietly beckoning. I thought the cover image was a photograph! It is that photorealistic – even up close. This book is pure gorgeousness from watery end-page to watery end-page. Expect lots of “oohs and ahs” and giggling when reading this account of a year in the life of a male coyote. The text is short, just a few lines on each page. The language and imager are lovely but compact and concise. 

This is a picture book for any age. Pair it with Ann Downer’s Wild Animal Neighbors to introduce a science unit or use it in a language arts class to discuss a variety of literary devices. Show it to your art teachers. Readers will come away with an appreciation for this mysterious and much feared creature. This is a worthy addition to any library. (Cross-posted at Proseandkahn.)