Art Camp

Art Camp: 52 Art Projects for Kids to Explore
by Susan Schwake (Author)

Booktalk: The BIG Picture

Art Camp is the second book of art instruction from Susan’s new Kids Art Series. This book is an easy-to-use collection of self-guided lessons for kids to pull out again and again to expand their skill sets and gain confidence in making art. The beautiful full-color photographs illustrate the projects in this easy-to-explore guide. Step-by-step simple art adventures are inspired by artists and the natural world in this full-color instructional book.

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The front matter (the pages before the main text of a book) explains the author’s approach:


Art Camp is a collection of of fifty-two projects made from simple materials.

The benefits are clearly stated:

They are open ended projects that promote creativity and confidence in art making.

The audience for the book is defined:

The projects can be done with little or no supervision for most elementary school aged children.

Take a peek inside with this book trailer.

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