Dorothea’s Eyes

DOROTHEAS EYES-webDorothea’s Eyes

by Barb Rosenstock; illus. by Gerard DuBois

40 pages; ages 8-12

Calkins Creek (Boyd’s Mills), 2016

Dorothea opens her grey-green eyes. They are special eyes. They see what others miss…

So begins a biography of one of my favorite photographers, Dorothea Lange. Before she ever owned a camera she knew she wanted to be a photographer – even though girls weren’t supposed to be photographers. Even though it was hard for her to walk. She skips school to wander around the city, peering into crowded tenements, seeing with her eyes and her heart how people live – “happy and sad mixed together”.

What I like about this book: It is about Dorothea! I like how Barb Rosenstock shows Dorothea growing into a photographer. And how her childhood – and her heart – drew her to take photographs of poor people, immigrants, migrant farmers… the invisible people in our society. I like that Dorothea’s story can inspire young people to follow their dreams. Most of all, I like that “Dorothea’s eyes help us see with our hearts.”

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