Taking Action for Civil and Political Rights


Taking Action for Civil and Political Rights (Who’s Changing the World?)
by Eric Braun (Author)

Booktalk: Do you ever worry about people being treated unfairly? Do you wish you could help make things better? The civil rights activists profiled in this book do that every day. One teenager organized a hunger strike and a protest of 120,000 people to demand voting rights. Three friends started the Black Lives Matter movement by commenting on social media. Another activist started a petition that asked teen magazines to stop altering photos of girls’ bodies. And a farmworker organized other farmworkers and consumers to ask for higher wages and better working conditions. Explore the stories of these inspiring kids and adults, and learn how to start making a difference yourself.


Political candidates and advocacy have long worked hard to get young adults to vote. They know that young voters can be the key to winning elections. But many get-out-the-vote efforts focus on college students and young professionals.

That’s where the Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr. comes in. He’s the founder and CEO of a group called the Hip Hop Caucus, an organization that promotes political activism among US voters using hip-hop music and culture.

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