Fantastic Flowers


Fantastic Flowers
by Susan Stockdale (Author / Illustrator)

Booktalk: With rhythmic, rhyming text and beautifully patterned painting, Fantastic Flowers introduces young readers to 17 flowers that resemble all kinds of things. Budding botanists will be amazed at how much they look like upside-down pants, wild monkeys and even tiny babies!


Flowers in shapes that surprise and delight.
Upside down pants,
a parrot in flight.
Prim ballerinas,
wild baboons.
Snakes standing guard,
and spiraling spoons.


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One thought on “Fantastic Flowers

  1. Ah a beautiful book! Because of Alice in wonderland and the singing flowers I was creeped out by pansies for ages when I was younger but I do really like flowers, it would be lovely to teach my daughter the names of more of them!

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