Magnetic Magic

Magnetic Magic
by Terry Catasús Jennings (Author) and Andrea Gabriel (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Dena loves using magnets to perform magic tricks for the kids at the pool. When Enrique arrives in town, he doesn t like that Dena is fooling the others. He gives her a century-old treasure map and Dena uses her compass and tools to plot the location of the treasure. To her surprise, the treasure is not where it should be!

Snippet: She spread out her town map. She placed one straight edge of the ruler on the compass rose to find northwest (315 degrees). Then she slid the other straight edge so that one end touched the location of the old elementary school’s door. She used the map’s scale to plot a position about 1000 feet from the door.

This “faction” story includes a 4-page For Creative Minds section in the back of the book and a 30-page cross-curricular Teaching Activity Guide online.

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