Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel: Pearls, Perfume, and the Little Black Dress
by Susan Goldman Rubin (Author)

Booktalk: Beginning with the difficult years Chanel spent in an orphanage, this middle grade biography traces Coco’s development as a designer and demonstrates how her determination to be independent helped her gain worldwide recognition in an era when women were expected to marry. It includes her most memorable firsts for the fashion industry: the little black dress, the quilted purse with gold chain, and the perfume Chanel No. 5.

Snippet: She was a controversial celebrity, an innovator with an eye for fashion that made her enormously successful. At the same time, many regarded Chanel as an opportunist, a tyrant, a chronic liar, and a snob. Some even suspected her of being a Nazi sympathizer during World War II. Still, women everywhere were in awe of the Chanel brand and the products that bore her distinctive label. Coco designed clothes that she wore herself, and she was her own best model. Her friend surrealist artist Salvador Dali said,

All her life, all she did was change men’s clothes into women’s.

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