Animal Planet’s Animal Atlas

Over at Wrapped in Foil blog today we are featuring Animal Planet’s new book, Animal Atlas, with text by James Buckley, Jr. and maps by Aaron Meshon. It arrives on shelves on May 17.


Animal Planet Animal Atlas travels through the world of animals in an orderly fashion, with chapters representing the seven continents plus the oceans. Each section begins with a map of the featured continent and descriptions of the biomes that occur there, such as rainforest, desert, and tundra. In the following pages are covered with big, bright photographs of different kinds of animals living in each biome, from a type of antelope known as an addax to zebras.  Short descriptions of the animals are included in color-coded sidebars. Finally, children will want to look for the Reach Out. Act. Respond or ROAR sidebars highlighting conservation and animal rescue efforts in that region.

What’s great about this big book is that it is a resource children are likely to return to again and again. Young children may use it to learn the names of animals. Older children will start to see emergent patterns, such as the animals found in northern areas or taigas are more likely to be white at least part of the year. The bottom line is that Animal Atlas is sure to please young animal lovers everywhere!

If you are looking for more, try the Animal Bites series, reviewed here earlier by Jeff.