Digital Review Copies of Water Can Be… Available!

Water Can Be...WATER CAN BE… is available in digital review copies. If you’re a blogger, reviewer, or an educator who likes to spread book love, Lerner would be happy to give you a digital review copy through NetGalley. Here’s how:

  1. Email me this month and let me know you’re interested (click here to see my email address).
  2. I will send you a link.
  3. Log in (or create an account) at NetGalley and download the e-book. You’ll be pre-approved.
  4. Read it using Adobe Digital Editions on your laptop/device and ooh and ahh over Violeta Dabija’s gorgeous illustrations. The otter! The dancing dachsund. The snowstorm. Sigh…
  5. Rate and/or review on some platform if you’re willing: Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or your private teacher or librarian email lists or groups, etc. Even a one-sentence review helps! In-depth reviews are lovely, but not everybody has time for that, which I completely understand. If you can cross-post your review, great! If you just mention it on Twitter, great! I will appreciate whatever you can do in your jam-packed day. And, of course, I want you to be honest! Share what you like and don’t like.

And that’s it! Hope to hear from you!