What is Nonfiction Monday?

Bloggers across the kidlitosphere celebrate Nonfiction Monday by writing about nonfiction books for kids on Monday.

Q.How did Nonfiction Monday get started?
A.In 2007, Anastasia Suen started writing about nonfiction every Monday on her blog. One thing led to another and Nonfiction Monday became a weekly kidlitosphere round-up with a different blogger hosting the round-up each week. We began rounding up our posts on this site in December 2013 after teachers and librarians asked us to host the round-up in one place so it was easier to find.

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Q. Can my publicist send my new nonfiction #kidlit book to this blog?
A. The posts shared on this round-up blog originate on the home blogs of our Nonfiction Monday bloggers. Click on the links in a round-up post to visit the contributor’s home blog and see the book review guidelines. You can see Anastasia’s blog book guidelines at here at #kidlit Book of the Day.

Q. Can I share my Nonfiction Monday posts on this blog?
A. Yes! Active (4+ posts in the current year) #kidlit bloggers are invited to share their posts.

  • Write about a nonfiction book for kids next Monday on your own blog.
  • Copy the Nonfiction Monday button to use in your blog post.
  • Add your post to the weekly Nonfiction Monday Round-up on this group blog.

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~ Anastasia Suen, Nonfiction Monday Founder

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