Nature Anatomy

The Curious Parts & Pieces of the Natural Worldnatureanatomy

by Julia Rothman

with help from John Niekrasz

Pub. 1/2015, Storey Publishing

224 pages, all ages

I can’t say enough about this beautifully illustrated book by Julia Rothman. I’m a little late to the game since it came out in early 2015, but when I finally ordered it I couldn’t put it down. If I had gotten my hands on this book as a kid, I would have first retreated to my desk to copy as many of Rothman’s illustrations as possible, and then ventured outside to see which of the hundreds of awesome nature-y things I could find!

She has previously published a similar title, Farm Anatomy: the curious parts and pieces of country life, but I think the broader appeal of nature in general will find her more readers. What makes me love this more is that Rothman grew up in the Bronx and currently lives in Brooklyn. She was inspired by taking nature walks in her neighborhood park! And while you may not find an elk or geoduck in New York City, you will find their illustrations and over 700 more in this book. From minerals to snowflakes, and mushrooms to salamanders, Rothman has it covered, along with tidbits of information like Five Rules for Grazing Wild Edibles and Anatomy of a Jellyfish.

A must-read or browse for any child at all curious about nature, and adults too! (This book was on the Library circulation desk while I was writing this and an older gentleman asked me to place it on hold for him!)

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